Multislider Facebook, Google+, Twitter for GEKO 1.4.x

Category: Extensions

Adapting the Social Multislider for Gekosale 1.4.x

1. Data from style.css file we copy to the file style.css in the directory /design/_css_frontend/YOUR_NAMESPACE
2. Directory multislider we copy to the directory design/_images_frontend
3. The file from directory assets/js multi.js we copy to the directory /design/_js_frontend/YOUR_NAMESPACE
4. Data from header.tpl file we place in the file header.tpl in the directory /design/_tpl/frontend/YOUR_NAMESPACE (between 20-30 line)
- be sure to give on this place your namespace
5. Data from footer.tpl file we place in the footer.tpl in the directory /design/_tpl/frontend/YOUT_NAMESPACE behind tag:
- Information about multi-slider <ul id = "musli"> ... </ u> before class <!-- end: Footer -->
- Information about the javascript behind tag <!-- end: Copyright bar -->

WARNING!!! If we want to leave the slider only for Facebook we just delete <li> responsible for Google+ or Twitter.
Of course for every slider you have to generate and insert the proper code of the widget.

System Gekosale 1.4.x