Choosing a proper server on which your website will be created is closely related to its safety. Many people do not appreciate good hosting and puts own sites on unchecked and unsecured servers. This approach is extremely short-sighted, which sooner or later takes revenge.

To meet the needs of our customers we offer a stable and secure servers..

We provide you a place on a stable LEXCOM IT LTD server and we will take care of your site to always be protected from the unwanted guests. We will give into your hands a number of tools needed to administer the web page. We continue to develop the functionality of servers and adapt them to individual needs of our customers..

We can also help in the selection and registration of the respective domain which is a showcase of each page. We have access to the most popular Internet domains and be happy to assist you in choosing the one that will perfectly fit the profile of your business..

Please read the following price lists of hosting services and domains and choose something for yourself. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us. We are pleased to advise you..


Domain type   Ex. VAT Price
  Registration   Renewal   Transfer/Assignment
  •  national: .uk,
   £7    £7   £0
  •  globalne: com, .net, .org, .biz, .eu
   £14   £14    £8 / 0zł
  •  functional:,
  £30   £25    £8  / 0zł
  •  regional: .london
   £40    £30    £8  / 0zł
  •  .info
   £20   £15   £8 / 0zł
 Renewal of expired domain:  + £10


 Our servers:

    Server "Standard" Server "SEO"
  • Hard drive
  • Guaranteed RAM
  1024MB   6 GB
  • Maximum RAM
  2048MB   6 GB
  • Processor
  2,8 Ghz   2,3 Ghz
  • Number of processor cores
  1   4
  • Access to DirectAdmin
  Yes   Yes
  • Individual IP from pool of shared IP addresses
  No   Yes
  • Site Backup
  The last 14 days   The last 14 days
  • The annual fee for 3GB of disk space
  £50 (ex. 20% vat)   £100 (ex. 20% vat)
  • The annual fee for an additional 10 GB of disk space
  £25 (ex. 20% vat)   £25 (ex. 20% vat)