We are pleased to inform You that we decided to create and put on market LexcomCoiny. It is our company token (similar to market stocks, form of shares) related to our firm and with further development it will grow in value.

You can buy token on stock market, receive from us for purchasing our services or for promoting LEXCOM  in social media, win in contests etc. so it's definitely worth watching our channel on facebook, twiter  or google+.

Currently, the so-called  "giveawayaction is in progress, so we give out up to  300 LexcomCoin tokens for everyone who meets the following conditions:

  1. You will come in and like our fanpagegoogle+ or twitter
  2. Share this article or post an information about giveaway on one or all of the indicated social media 
    - we give 100 tokens for each listed social network
  3. In the comment you’ll leave your Waves wallet address

You can sell LexcomCoin on the Waves market for traditional currency USD, EUR  or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many others.


LexcomCoin can also be exchanged for all of our company's services:

  • websites
  • online stores
  • graphic work
  • programming work
  • positioning 
  • domains
  • web hosting
  • servers
  • and many others


Detailed information:

Name: LexcomCoin
Max supply: 21 000 000
Token Id: 6AFsgS2qh8A9S46C2SqZvqEYdsiFTXHCFyAyfsKh4Tm
Blockchain: Waves
Link: LexcomCoin on the Waves Market
Presale on the stock market: 10 000 000 for price 0.1 USD
Pool reserved for clients: 10 000 000 where for each spent 1 USD you will receive  3.6 LexcomCoin
Pool reserved for all, competitions, giveaway etc: 1 000 000


How to set up a Waves wallet?

  1. Create an account (wallet) at https://beta.wavesplatform.com/
  2. NECESSARILY: Save on a sheet of paper or print the 15 words you will see after creating your wallet - you will need them to recover your wallet (never share them - thanks to them you have access to the wallet).
    - it is also better not to keep them in a file on your computer, because it is easy to steal such data.

  3. You can see your wallet address by clicking on the picture in the upper left corner.


How do you buy LexcomCoin?

  1. Tokeny you can purchase using many popular cryptocurrency such as BTC, ETH, LTC etc, but also using traditional currencies USD and EUR.
  2. All you have to do is click on the wallet icon and transfer the appropriate currency to the stock market account..
  3. Then you can enter the direct link or search LexcomCoin on the stock market using the search engine.
  4. After entering to our token, you can start trading among other users or buy from the presale that we have made available on the stock exchange for 0.1 USD