Deciding to conduct an online store we have to expect certain choices. Although such trade is much more effective than traditional sales in flat-store, an online store, to work well, needs also in the initial start-up phase, several expenses.

First of all we will need the appropriate software to run the online store. Nowadays You can’t think of the online store but of the certain type of page with goods to offer which needs special software, dedicated for sale. There are currently a dozen types on the market, they differ in the price level or safety, as well as additional options in sales management. There are also free programs available.

For beginner sellers, but not only for them, the optimal solution and a real shoot spot should be, for example, online software store Prestashop which we implement. Why it’s worth to choose? First of all, it is fully functional. Shop placed on Prestashop is elegant, easy to use, and looks professional.  What among others Prestashop has to offer? A fully integrated module Multi-store, which allows you to conduct sales in many stores at the same time from a single installation level, easy to read and easy to use editing system CMS, advanced on-line payments and the migration tools and data exchange.

Another important issue related to the conduct the online store is a good server and hosting. Remember that you should beware of "regular" web hosts that aside from server space has not much to offer as well free hosting - sooner or later it will bring only trouble. It is better to invest once but into the server with additional security such as data encryption and control of SSL certificates and others. Pay attention also to the performance of the server and the continuity of his work and in the end let's see how much the average server space will be occupied by our store, and than buy a proper option.